Wholesale Bulk Rags for Sale

If we learned anything from 2020, it is that we can never have enough rags around to clean. With demand increasing for cleaning products there has been a shortage in cleaning supplies. This shortage includes affordable cleaning rags.

Same Rag Performance But Lower Bulk Rags Pricing

We want to introduce you to more affordable options for bulk rags sold at wholesale but still give you an incredibly durable product for your business.

Shop our Colored Woven Sheeting Rags. These general rags offer nearly no lint, perfect for those shine jobs where you don’t want to leave anything behind. They are also perfect for cleaning and wiping up liquids. Because they’ve already been washed, they will absorb very well!

Shop our Recycled Grey T-Shirt Rags. With all of the same features as the white knits that have become incredibly hard to find, these alternatives are a great budget choice. The t-shirt rags offer a low lint residue, high absorbency, and incredible durability.

Looking for another type of rag? Contact us to see what bulk rags we can find in your price range and for your specific need or business.